The All-on-4 advantage restores patients' lives... not just their teeth!

All-on-4® is a technique in which 4 to 6 implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw and the patient can have fixed teeth inserted the same day. It is a revolution in aesthetics, convenience, and function. Our typical patient has either bad teeth that are hopeless, severe bone loss around the existing teeth, or has no teeth at all and cannot tolerate a denture.

Patients from Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Mt. Pleasant and beyond come in for surgery at which time the teeth are removed, dental implants are placed immediately, and the fixed teeth are placed the same day! This type of reconstruction results in a chewing efficiency of 90% in comparison to natural teeth while a denture only permits 10% of natural chewing function.

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All-on-4: A Revolution in Aesthetics, Function and Convenience!

Real All-on-4 Patient of The Facial Surgery Center