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The Facial Surgery Center is proud to offer exceptional oral surgery treatments to Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Mt. Pleasant and their surrounding areas. Here are some of the oral surgery services we offer:

If you live in Western Pennsylvania and are seeking any of the above oral surgery treatments, The Facial Surgery Center is the destination for you.

Dr. Halusic’s Oral Surgery Background

dr halusic facial surgery dental implants pittsburghDr. Halusic has been advancing dental implant surgical care for his patients on a consistent basis. He was one of the first oral surgeons to have a CT scan in the office as he realized early on in 2007 that 3-dimensional imaging is a prerequisite in providing quality treatment to the dental implant patient.

The reason so many people see Dr. Halusic for dental implant and oral surgery is due to his in-depth training in all aspects of surgery of the face and mouth. Dr. Halusic has had extensive training in dentistry and medicine through his four-year surgical based residency program following dental school.

Dr. Halusic’s emphasis on dental implants and oral surgery has been derived from an illustrious career including all components of oral and maxillofacial surgery including reconstructive jaw surgery, cosmetic facial surgery, TMJ surgery, trauma surgery, and oral surgery including wisdom teeth and other types of oral surgery. As his practice has developed over the years, his main focus is now dental implant surgery and oral surgery.

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