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Dr. Halusic Talks about
all-on-4® Dental Implants


Get a New Smile and a New Life in One Day

Permanent New Teeth the Day of Surgery

What if you could experience the benefits of strong, beautiful teeth without having to wait months between surgeries? This is possible with All-on-4® full arch dental implants by our skilled oral surgeons. Our All-on-4® dental implants in Greensburg and Monroeville, PA are the revolutionary solution that provides you with a complete set of new teeth the day of your implant surgery! With teeth securely in place in your mouth, you’ll be free to live a life of confidence, health, and function with a naturally attractive smile that’s permanently yours!

The Life-Changing Benefits of All-on-4®

With the life-like All-on-4®, you can say goodbye to painful, failing, or missing teeth, uncomfortable and unreliable dentures, and the self-consciousness of decayed teeth. The All-on-4® is characterized by a life-like, strong set of non-removable teeth fully supported by four (or sometimes more) dental implants. Because two of the dental implants are longer and placed at an angle in the jaw, this full arch solution can fully distribute your natural biting and chewing force just like a natural set of teeth. For patients with more extensive bone loss after years of missing teeth and denture wear, the All-on-4® treatment minimizes, and often eliminates, the need for bone grafting, which will save both time and money. In addition, our oral surgeons have the expertise to place zygomatic dental implants, which are surgically inserted into the zygoma (cheek) bones instead, removing the need for a sinus lift if the upper jawbone has severely resorbed. These functional improvements are the only part of the health, aesthetics, and confidence benefits you receive with All-on-4® procedure.

The Amazing Results of All-on-4®

  • A new smile the day of surgery
  • Never use dentures or need adhesives again
  • Eat all the foods you love
  • Beautiful, strong set of life-like teeth
  • Improved oral and overall health
  • Feel young and attractive
  • Restored confidence and wellbeing

How We Change Your Life with All-on-4®

We use advanced technology and implant systems in every full arch treatment in order to assist our expert oral surgeons in planning your surgery and placing your implants. Specifically, our virtual treatment planning and CT guided surgery system optimize both the stability of your implants for the prosthetic attachment and the long-term success of treatment. Digital planning of your new smile to fit both your aesthetic and functional goals is completed early in the treatment process. In doing this, we can have your replacement teeth prepared and attached the day of surgery. You will be able to leave our office with a full set of teeth that will look great and function beautifully!

Choose the Expertise of Trained Oral Surgeons

As oral surgeons, one of our primary and most routine surgical procedures is the placement of dental implants. We use CT guided surgery for every patient, ensuring your dental implants are placed in the optimal positions to securely support your new teeth and provide long-lasting benefits. All this skill in advanced technology and dental surgery requires years of high-end training and education. As a board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Edward Halusic has gone above and beyond the requirements of the oral and maxillofacial surgery and with over 35 years of specialized experience, is highly qualified to offer patients in Greensburg and Monroeville, PA All-on-4® dental implants. We are also fully equipped to handle any emergencies that may arise during and after your treatment. Putting your care into the hands of our experienced, dedicated, and skilled team is advantageous for your personal experience and the long-term success of your surgery. We invite you to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeons today!

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