Finally Stop Living with Chronic Jaw Problems

Corrective Jaw Surgery to Fix Pain, Function, and Self-Confidence

Patients who are candidates for corrective jaw surgery in Greensburg and Mt. Pleasant, PA are often living with debilitating jaw problems that affect their function, confidence, comfort, and quality of life. While your situation may feel hopeless now, we have a truly transformative solution that can permanently improve your life. Corrective jaw surgery returns your jaws to their proper position, restoring alignment, bite occlusion, breathing, and comfort. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons are experts in jaw surgery, having completed over 1,000 major surgical procedures, including advanced cases, in the last thirty years. With expertise and skill, we can transition you into a comfortable, confident, and healthy life with personalized corrective jaw surgery.

Why Receive Jaw Surgery?

For patients in Greensburg and Mt. Pleasant, PA, jaw surgery is a corrective procedure that restores the jaws to their proper position. If you have a recessed chin or protruding jaw, returning the jaw to a more harmonious position will improve everything from your ability to comfortably eat to improved breathing and resolved jaw pain. Since jaw surgery also reestablishes proper alignment, teeth are restored to proper occlusion, fitting together comfortably. This often minimizes or eliminates symptoms of TMJ disorder, including teeth grinding and clenching. Overall, jaw surgery creates dramatic functional, and therefore health, improvements for patients, as well as better facial aesthetics. With a transformation in how your jaw looks and functions, you’re free to enjoy a healthier and more confident life!

Candidates for Jaw Surgery

  • Chronic jaw pain
  • Difficulty eating or swallowing
  • Speech problems
  • Breathing problems
  • Receding chin
  • Protruding jaw
  • Open bite
Jaw Bone

Jaw Surgery from the Experts

Our oral surgeons are the best-trained doctors in the dental field, having achieved the highest level of training and education in oral and maxillofacial surgery, including complex rehabilitation of the jaw. With over 35 years of experience, we have perfected our surgical skills and offer minimally invasive and predictable jaw surgery. With an oral surgeon who is board-certified by the National Dental Board of Anesthesiology, we’re equipped to offer custom anesthesia options in our modern surgical facility and are here to help you feel comfortable and safe during your surgery. Jaw surgery is often a complex procedure, and we want you to feel confident choosing us for your treatment. If you’re struggling with debilitating jaw issues, contact our oral surgeons for a personalized consultation.

Put an end to your jaw problems for good.

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