Gentle, Effective Surgery for Tongue and Lip Tie

Frenectomy Treatment from Caring Oral Surgeons

Is your child struggling to effectively breastfeed? Has latching seemed impossible? This is one of the most common signs he or she may have a tongue tie or lip tie. If the frenulum, or the tissue that holds the upper lip and tongue to the soft tissue in the mouth, is too restrictive, it can cause anything from trouble latching to poor weight gain. In older children, a tongue or upper lip that cannot move properly can lead to speech problems, trouble swallowing, and even an unsightly gap between the two front teeth. 

By removing the frenulum with a simple pediatric surgery, we can permanently eliminate these issues, improving your child’s health and comfort in everyday activities. As parents, we understand how difficult it can be to trust others in the care of our child. Rest assured, in the decades of experience we have in pediatric surgery in Greensburg and Monroeville, PA, your child will be safe with us. A frenectomy is a very simple and quick surgery that may not require more than local anesthetic to numb the area. Your child’s surgery will be painless and comfortable, and it will ultimately improve their health and quality of life as they grow.

Symptoms of Tongue Tie or Lip Tie

  • Difficulty latching and feeding
  • Frequent feeding, but poor weight gain
  • Mother has pain during nursing
  • Fatigue during or after feeding
  • Clicking sounds while feeding

What to Expect with Our Pediatric Surgery

For all pediatric cases, one of our biggest concerns is ensuring both you and your child feel relaxed and calm during the procedure. Though a frenectomy is a simple surgery, we do not assume any child will be comfortable at our office. We’ll ensure your child feels safe and comfortable with us so their surgery will go smoothly and you can return home as soon as possible. During the surgery, we gently loosen or remove the frenulum, either from the upper lip, the tongue, or both. For most infants, improvements in breastfeeding are noticeable almost immediately after treatment

Considerations for Parents

Any pediatric surgery, no matter how simple or complex, will most likely be stressful for your child. As their parent, remaining calm and optimistic can greatly improve how your child responds to us and the possibility of undergoing surgery. We’re here to provide all the education and resources you need to feel confident in our care and  answer all questions and concerns. Dr. Edward Halusic has over 35 years of specialized surgical experience and as a dual board-certified oral surgeon, has the dental and medical training to handle any emergency that may arise during your child’s appointment. With compassion and a gentle touch, Dr. Halusic and our staff can provide the personalized treatment your child needs to experience a healthy, fully functional life.

Trust pediatric surgery to the experts.

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