It is important to have adequate bone volume for placement of dental implants. When a tooth is extracted, 50% of the bone can dissolve away within three months. Bone Preservation Grafts or “Socket Grafts” can preserve the bone for eventual placement of a dental implant.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Socket Grafts

When taking out a tooth in preparation for dental implant placement, it is important to preserve as much bone as possible. Dr. Halusic has done thousands of extractions and has developed minimally traumatic techniques using specialized instruments to preserve the bone when removing the tooth. In addition to preserving your native bone, he will graft the socket with bone particles from a bone bank. This acts as a bone growing scaffold and within 48 hours, blood supply is generated in to this grafted bone. Your body than resorbs away this grafted bone and replaces it with your own bone. Usually within 4 to 6 months, this grafted bone is gone and your own bone is now healed in the area. Grafted sockets heal quicker than non grafted sockets and there is less pain associated with the healing process. Most importantly, this procedure which typically adds about 15 minutes to the surgery helps to ensure adequate bone volume for implant placement.